1. Name your city and describe it with in a word. Are you living on your own or you are sharing a place? NAiROBi – HiP. We share a kitchen, studio and a TV room .

2. What do you eat for breakfast? We mostly skip breakfast unknowingly #BusySchedule but when we do eat its heavy – say nduma ( sweet potatoes), maandazi (swahili bun), tea / porridge and maybe some bread occasionally.

3. And after midnight? This will have to be when we have supper – local foods work best for us #LivingHealthy

4. Name a cartoon that you’d like to be part of. Skoko (POET) – Ed, Edd _& Eddy. Kenchez (GUiTARiST) – Kids Next Door specifically the no.1 character _& spongebob. Mordecai (VOCALiST) – Dexters Lab.

5. Which instruments do you play? Kenchez _& Mordecai play the guitar as their first instrument whereas Skoko in his head thinks he can play almost anything but all that is just a big lie he tells himself.

6. Who is your inspiration? We are hugely inspired by everyone we interact with while on our day to day H_artventures.

7. When you were young have you ever played in a school recital? We all played recitals from choral verses to narratives to plays to poems – we used to H_art being out of school _& going on trips was the best way if not for suspensions.

8. In your country is it easy to make a living with music? Nothing comes easy is all we can say – with a drive, hard work, determination _& persistence nothing is impossible ever.

9. Which is the coolest club in your city where you would like to play? Where did you play last time? We are suckers for intimate settings _& THE ALCHEMIST is the perfect place when we want this kinda vibe. THE ALCHEMIST ,Westland.

10. Name your favorite festival and why. Having been to a few Festivals around East Africa we really can’t pinpoint one but SAUTI ZA BUSARA in Zanzibar has been our Highlight this year – the vibrations were just perfect.

11. What’s inside your Festival Survival Kit? FOOD, FOOD ,FOOOD _& MORE FOOOD !!!

12. Dreaming big, who would you like to open a gig for? Good Question.We will have to say Chronixx, Kendrick Lamar _& Bob Marley if he were alive

13. Beatles or Rolling Stones? The Beatles as many people say we have numerous similarities.

14. Oasis or Blur? Pass. We vibe more with reggae, sorry.

15. Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen? Bob Dylan. Between the two, He is the only one we have listened to _& we loved his style.

16. Name two artist in your country that could be great opposites. Music to us is a mission not a competition so, we rarely sit _& compare.

17. Do you have a booking agency? As of now we are in a non-exclusive deal with GEORG LEiTNER PRODUCTiONS GmbH for Europe.

18. Is it easy to be engage in your city? Yes, pretty easy – the people here are quite friendly unless provoked .Stats say we have the toughest twitter followers #NeverCrossThem we call then KENYANS ON TWITTER #KOT

19. Which is the most important social network for a band in your country? Facebook is the most effective social network for promotions since most areas haven’t gotten aquinted to Instagram yet. Although for the youths ,Instagram is the most influential .

20. Which is your “stage look”? We are suckers for Classic Vintage Looks matched with African Prints, Patterns _& Colour.We call this look H_ARTWEAR.

21. And how should we be dressed while we’re listening to your music? H_art the band is all for Freedom of expression.While listening to our music feel free to be yourself.


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