1.    Name your city and describe it with in a word. Are you living on your own or you are sharing a place? Manchester UK, originally from Athens, Greece. Manchester in one word: COLOURFUL. We moved here about a year ago, I love how music is a big part of this place and its history and how open they are to different cultures. I’m sharing my home with three beautiful creatures.

2.   What do you eat for breakfast? Cheerios.

3.    And after midnight? Wine.

4.    Name a cartoon that you’d like to be part of. Gravity Falls or How to Train Your Dragon. I’ve always wanted a dragon.

5.    Which instruments do you play? Guitar, bass, keyboards, bongos, tambourine..anything I can make music out of really.

6.    Who is your inspiration? Bill Murray.

7.    When you were young have you ever played in a school recital? Oh, yes.

8.    In your country is it easy to make a living with music? Well, in my country it’s not easy to make a living in general nowadays, let alone if you are a full-time artist, but when there is the will there is a way. That’s why Greece has some of the most interesting musicians out there.

9.    Which is the coolest club in your city where you would like to play? Where did you play last time (name and address)? I have to say Albert Hall. It is a beautiful building and great sound. Our last gig was in Soup Kitchen in Northern Quarter, Manchester.

10. Name your favorite festival and why. Rock en Seine in Paris, France. Amazing line-up, beautiful place and a great way to say goodbye to summer.

11. What’s inside your Festival Survival Kit? Water, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses.

12. Dreaming big, who would you like to open a gig for? Beck. I love, LOVE Beck. I believe he’s one of the greatest artist of his generation and one of my biggest influences; maybe not so much in my music style, but more as an artist.

13. Beatles or Rolling Stones? The Beatles for the beautiful melodies and The Stones for the attitude and style.

14. Oasis or Blur? BLUR.

15. Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen? Bob Dylan. One of my father’s favourites, so I’ve grown up with his music.

16. Name two artist in your country that could be great opposites. Psychedelic Trips to Death and Chinese Basement are two bands I really like. I wouldn’t name them opposites – I never liked this need for “opposites” in Art, but both consist of very talented young musicians.

17. Do you have a booking agency? For booking or press enquiries you can contact our label TBMR Records

18. Is it easy to be engaged in your city? Definitely, there is always something happening in Manchester. From the streets, parks and bars, to old mills and stadium arenas.

19. Which is the most important social network for a band in your country? Instagram.

20. Which is your “stage look”? “Loosey-goosey baby, loosey-goosey.

21. And how should we be dressed while we’re listening to your music? Clothes don’t really matter…just relax and let the music take your mind.

22. Where can we listen to your music (youTube, tour date, social)? You can find our debut album Radamenes on Bandcamp (https://thinkbabymusic.  and Spotify and iTunes. You can also get our cassette on our label’s website (https://www.thinkbabymusic. com/product-page/radamenes- azraq-s%C3%A0hara). Our videos are on TBMR’s Youtube channel along with our first video forBones that was released earlier this month ( watch?v=J3sQ6Q8Xi7Y).

You can follow us on Instagram (@azraqsahara), Twitter (@azraqsahara) andFacebook (https://www. )

Upcoming gigs:

Oct. 20 – Friday Night Live MCR @ Dulcimer’s Chorlton, Manchester

Oct. 26 – Sour Times presents // Headclouds // Azraq Sàhara // Baby Names // Fat Spatula @ Mabgate Bleach, Leeds

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