1. Name your city and describe it with in a word. Are you living on your own or you are sharing a place?I live in Seoul. The city rapidly changes, which is fun but also tiring sometimes. I am very attached as I was born and raised here. Now I’m living on my own.

2. What do you eat for breakfast? I eat an apple and some nuts.

3. And after midnight? I actually try not to eat anything when staying home, because I eat a LOT when I go out. There are many places in Seoul open for 24 hours serving food and drinks. I usually go for Korean barbecue, sashimi, fried chicken with spicy sweet sauce, soondae (Korean sausage, pig intestine stuffed with glass noodles, blood and vegetables) soup, pork bone soup, etc. I do not have a preference amongst drinks (soju, beer, wine, whisky and so on) but I always pick the one that goes well along with the food.

4. Name a cartoon that you’d like to be part of. – Moomin.

5. Which instruments do you play? I play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards but mostly at home since on stage I’m the vocal of the band. Oh, I do play kazoo on stage time to time.

6. Who is your inspiration? There are so many, and differ time to time. At the moment my biggest inspiration is Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan, featured on Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table’ season 3.

7. When you were young have you ever played in a school recital? I did get on the stage but did a dance performance. Me and two other friends did a dance cover of ‘Seo Taiji & Boys’, who were the most popular in Korea at the time.

8. In your country is it easy to make a living with music? Well, isn’t that difficult in all other countries? It also ain’t easy in Korea, especially to make a living while pursuing only the kind of music you want. I find myself very lucky to be able to do that in my case.

9. Which is the coolest club in your city where you would like to play? Where did you play last time (name and address)? I actually have played in most clubs in the city .. Oh, I heard ‘Channel 1969’ has great atmosphere and haven’t played at that venue yet. Last gig we played was at
‘Sangsangmadang’ (65, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul) which is a popular venue with great sound system.

10. Name your favorite festival and why. Valley Rock Festival. Among the festivals we played, it had the hottest ambience. The festival does happen in the hottest days of the year too.

11. What’s inside your Festival Survival Kit? – Money to buy drinks. That is all I need.

12. Dreaming big, who would you like to open a gig for? Paul McCartney.

13. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles.

14. Oasis or Blur? It was definitely Blur before, but now I like both. Civil War era is over isn’t it?

15. Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen? Bob Dylan

16. Name two artist in your country that could be great opposites. Big Bang and EXO.

17. Do you have a booking agency? Yes, please do contact through our agency (DRDRamc) should you have any inquiries.

18. Is it easy to be engage in your city? Yes, there are tons of various sized festivals and you can engage with such events according to your interest.

19. Which is the most important social network for a band in your country? Instagram.

20. Which is your “stage look”? A look that put my mind and body at ease, making me naturally sing and dance.

21. And how should we be dressed while we’re listening to your music? A look that put your mind and body at ease, making you naturally sing and dance.

22. Where can we listen to your music (youTube, tour date, social)? You could search ‘Kiha & the Faces’ on iTunes for music, youtube for music videos and live clips. On 25th of this month we have an upcoming gig at UNDERSTAGE by Hyundai Card, and for month of April we have a North American tour which covers 14 cities.

April 1 : Venue, Vancouver BC
April 4 : Neptune Theatre, Seattle WA
April 6 : The Fillmore, San Francisco CA
April 7 : The Parish at House of Blues, Anaheim CA
April 9 : The Belasco Theater, Los Angeles CA
April 11 : House of Blues San Diego, San Diego CA
April 14 : The Cambridge Room at House of Blues, Dallas TX
April 15 : The Bronze Peacock at House of Blues Houston, Houston TX
April 18 : Variety Playhouse, Atlanta GA
April 21 : The Foundry, Philadelphia PA
April 22 : Brighton Music Hall, Boston MA
April 23 : Irving Plaza, New York NY
April 25 : House of Blues Chicago, Chicago IL
April 26 : The Pheonix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON

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    I get so happy every time I find information about Kiha in English! I hope they come to South America soon.

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